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SoundPaint was developed as an audio software research project by Jürgen Reuter. The author can be contacted by electronic mail under the following address:

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I am software engineer working and living in Karlsruhe, Germany. I am also interested in creating music both as a composer as well as a player (voc, sax, cl, keys).

The field of electronic music opens a way to join both professions. I believe that nowadays, we apply only a small, selected set of sounds in our music that have randomly emerged from acoustic sounds and electronic components such as generators and filters. As of today, electronic sounds are composed by a more or less complex configuration of such components — often with unpredictable results. While a composer may sometimes accidentally hit really nice sounds, a more predictable way of creating sounds is essential for high-productive composition with constant quality over time.

My vision is that we will find a more systematic approach to construct new sounds in a predictable, human-understandable, yet intuitive way. SoundPaint is a small step towards this goal, though I realize that it is just a first step. Recently, I started looking into research on synaesthesia, because I believe that through a better understanding of this physiological phenomenon of the human brain we will gain a much better understanding of human perception of sounds. And it is sounds what electronic music is all about.

Please visit also my Arts Projects web page with lots of music, stage plays, software, and more.


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