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The following images show screenshots of the graphical user interface of SoundPaint. Click any screenshot for a larger version.

  • Color Assigment Window
    Color Assignment Window

    Lets you assign three arbitrary sounds (i.e. 2pi-periodic functions) to three linearly independent colors serving as base vectors for the RGB color space. With this assignment, any color is (by a vector space homomorphism) uniquely mapped to the three-dimensional subspace of sounds that is spawned by the three given sounds.

  • Sample Type Selection Window
    Sample Type Selection Window

    Lets you choose between several basic types of sound samples that can be further tweaked. A sound is a periodic function, arising from cycling over the sound sample.

  • Triangle Editor Window
    Triangle Editor Window

    Lets you tweak the duty cycle of a triangle wave, ranging from a perfectly symmetric triangle (50% duty cycle) to a sawtooth (0% or 100%).

  • Partials Editor Window
    Partials Sound Editor Window

    Lets you compose a wave by tweaking a series of harmonic partials.