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Syn G r a p h is a software tool for capturing and visualizing data on symbol-to-color mappings in the field of graphemic synaesthesia. Symbol-to-color mappings can be interactively entered into the software through its graphical user interface; the resulting diagrams can be viewed on screen, printed to paper in high resolution as well as permanently stored on disk. The diagrams offer multiple views for exploring patterns or structural rules for a given assignment of colors to symbols.

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of SynGraph, then visit the documentation page.


You need to have installed Java Version 5 or higher (JRE or JDK). For more on information, see

Download and Installing

SynGraph is available as executable JAR archive file. Just download this file and save it on your desktop (or wherever else you prefer). That's it, no further installation is required (assuming that you already have Java 5 or higher installed). The program is distributed under version 3 of the GNU Public License (“GPL”), see


On most modern operating systems (such as Windows XP or Vista), just double-click on the downloaded file to start the program. That's it!

In the unlikely case that double-clicking should not work, first ensure that you have Java 5 or later installed. If it still does not work, you may (depending on your specific operating system) need to associate files with the suffix “.jar” to the java executable file.

If associating the “.jar” suffix to the java executable still does not work for you (or if you do not know how to perform file suffix associations), you may as a last resort try to manually start the jar file:

Open a command line terminal.
For example, under Windows XP, open the start menu and click “run”. In the text box, type “cmd”. Or, under Linux with KDE, open the start menu and click “run command”. In the text box, type “xterm”.).
Invoke the Java Virtual Machine with the jar file as argument.
For example, under Windows XP, enter something like the following:
java -jar C:\"Documents and Settings"\MyName\Desktop\syngraph-2008-01-04.18-55-36.jar
asssuming that the file that you downloaded is saved under the name syngraph-2008-01-04.18-55-36.jar in the directory C:\"Documents and Settings"\MyName\Desktop.

For Software Developers

If you are interested in the source code e.g. for hunting a bug or adding a new feature, you can grab the source files. You have to obey to the rules of the version 3 of the GNU Public License (“GPL”) when you are changing and/or redistributing the code.

Impact on SoundPaint

SoundPaint is an effort in making electronic music more expressive in a musical sense. This effort includes research as well as practical activities in related fields of interest. In particular, the author expects that research in the area of genuine synaesthesia will yield deeper insight into and better understanding of the psychological foundations of acoustic and musical perception. The development of SoundPaint will be tailored to the results of the author's research.