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Minor update.
Released version 0.2 of SynGraph.
Web site updated & extended.
New web site launched.
Domain “” goes on-line.

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Welcome to SoundPaint!

What's SoundPaint?

SoundPaint is a tool for creating sound collages by converting paintings into audio files. The concepts behind SoundPaint were first publically presented on the 3rd International Linux Audio Conference (LAC2005) at ZKM in Karlsruhe.


There is still no stable version available yet. So far, you may have a look at the latest experimental source code (328kB .tar.bz2 file), developed on a linux fc system. Please do not expect this code to compile or run on recent distributions without minor modification on the source code: This experimental piece of software is known to be quite picky regarding the environment under which it is willing to run. In particular, you will get linking problems if you are using versions of wxWidgets and GTK+ that do not perfectly match. This problem may be related to a well-known design bug in ELF. You have been warned!